Samrat foundation is a organization involve in the field of quality education assistance programme.The foundation is a Samrat Group and Samrat Tours & Travels Agency (A Private Business Group of companies)-funded agency involved in Nepal‘s educational Development Assistance (NEDA) project. Overall, 2 percent of profit of Samrat Group and Samrat Tours & Travels  is provided every year to operate the foundation.

Our core area of the field is to assist the person from very poor family with the problem of hand to mouth. Our mission is to provide the modern basic education to the village students of government schools. So that we welcome to the kind people from all over the world to join hands with Samrat Foundation to reach to the real needy poeple of the remote area of Nepal, if you like to have a first hand experience of village life, The living standard of the for people ethnicity, the quality, techniques & tools of education in Govt. schools. It is our humble request to help the children suffering from poverty as a volunteer in the school. For this purpose we create “An overseas voluntary activity system based on public participation.”

Currently projected Area:

  1. Shree Jana Kalyan Secondary School, Address: Bhagawati-4, Tarubhatera, Arghakhachi, Nepal.
  2. Shree Paropakar Primary school, Address: Chainpur-3, Dhading, Nepal.

Request for Help:

  1. You can provide your assistance for the school and rural development programs in following ways.
  2. Sponsoring children from our village for school level study.
  3. Helping to start tourism business such as trekking agency, travel and tour company to bring tourists in our area.
  4. Contributing small amount of money as one time or monthly basis donation. The money will be spent to pay for the teacher.
  5. Providing teaching materials, game materials, learning materials and musical instruments.
  6. Providing money to buy text books for students a year. You can also provide books for the library.
  7. Sponsoring poor students to go to school.
  8. Sending stationery supplies like paper, pencils, pens and calculators.
  9. Providing audio-visual equipment like slide projectors, used computers, over-head projectors and laboratory equipment
  10. I providing your voluntary service as a school teacher, health worker or vocational trainer for short time.
  11. You can send your tax deductible contribution in Nepal.